Me Myself and Why

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Are you evaluating where you are in life,  knowing you have so much more to offer, but don't know how to start or where to begin?

Do you feel like you have lost your individual identity because you have had to be so many things for so many people?

Are you searching for a deeper sense of fulfillment but need to fully understand and map out your divinely inspired message, what your passion is and how your unique area of genius can be best utilized with the highest impact?


     The answer to all these questions is the same, values. Most of us have strong feelings about what we believe, but have never taken the time to define what our values are much less arrange or rank them according to what is most important.


     Me, Myself & Why will help you discover your value order. Having this clearly defined allows decision-making to become less of a struggle. In the light of your value order, choices are straightforward and streamlined.


     Charity Bradshaw artfully weaves her humor and wit through personal stories as she helps you confront uncertainty, ask yourself tough questions, and step into life’s choices armed with clarity and resolve.

Understanding your unique ‘value order’ is the first step to living the ‘life in your head.’ (You know the one you dream about, but for some reason are not living?) Bradshaw succeeds in this work by applying her direct, practical and honest approach to self-discovery and setting priorities to help us define our ‘value-order’
— Traci B
Me, Myself & Why, a must read book for anyone with a deeper passion for living their true purpose in life. You discover you really can do “it all” but first you have to understand your values and put them in order!
— Lori Ann
If you find yourself struggling with where you are and where you want to be, this book will definitely help you answer the “whys.” This book will encourage you to define your values and shares the importance of time and value order
— Kara