She Leads


'She Leads' is an excellent book for self study or as a small group resource.  It contains inspirational examples of over 30 women leaders from historical to modern times, their journey through obstacles and triumphs, and noteworthy character qualities each leader championed. It is well laid out with great quotes and relevant scriptures for each chapter making it an excellent choice for a devotional.

'She Leads' celebrates the fact that each woman has a specific purpose and imprint worth developing to their fullest potential.  The world does not need any duplicates of what is already out there. 'She Leads' inspires and propels you to regain the confidence in who you are uniquely designed to be.

"You can lead right where you are at. You can stand up for causes worthy of attention, be a voice for the unheard, illuminate the lives of those feeling forgotten or disenfranchised. You don't have to wait until you run out of excuses to head full speed in the direction of your God-given talent. You don't have to be extroverted, educated, polished or perfect to lead. Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, personality types and education levels. There is room for you in the ranks of leadership..."  - Charity Bradshaw - She Leads

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Order your copy today.