You Know it's True...



Can anyone relate to this? Staring down the barrel of a huge endeavor, goal or life change sometimes makes me want to just sit down and stare off into space hoping the enormity of the task diminishes over time. 

As with everything else we don't want to (like waistlines and weeds) they grow when ignored. Today I had the satisfying feeling of completing a side-car project for my Money Wise book. Before I started it, I thought it through to the detail.  It was ugly, hairy and certainly tough to chew.  It made me face things about my process and forced me to choose either reaching my desired end or failure via complacency and procrastination daily.

I could choose to show up and work or delay and regret. Thankfully I chose to show up for this project but there have been plenty of times when the question of "How on earth will I get this all done?" alone was paralyzing.  

My friends, these are our defining moments. These are the choices we make that determine champion or coward, leader or runaway, voice or shadow.  Name the elephant you are facing. Whether it is a project, life-change, emotional issue, relational issue, name it. Say it out loud (or in your head, if your stubborn like that). See the first step toward removing it and take it. 

How many people are waiting for you on the other side of this process of obedience? Decide to start even if you don't have it all figured out just perfectly. The reward comes when it is no longer keeping you from your purpose.

Look up James 4:17 if you need to hear the message a little louder :)

Much love,