Money Wise Set 5DVDs+Book+Workbook


Money Wise Set 5DVDs+Book+Workbook


Is MONEY one of the biggest reasons you aren't able to pursue your dream?
How would it feel to have a financial plan that was simple and helped you get ahead?
Do you feel like you never really learned the right way to handle money and want to be better at it?

Gain the freedom and confidence that come with knowing how to make the most of your money. The Money Wise system is a simple, proven program that takes all of the confusing stuff out and makes it very doable.

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Hear what Jennifer had to say about Money Wise Live: "Before Money Wise, all I saw was a stack of bills and numerous payments going out of my checking account month after month.  I knew several friends who took the class and raved about it, so I couldn’t wait to sign up and start. Money Wise helped me avoid financial desperation and taught me how to manage my funds so that I can live better.

What I like most is that the Money Wise method is easy to follow. I have taken other popular personal finance courses but found them overwhelming and long.  Charity knows people have busy lives so she has streamlined this program and made it simple.

Give yourself the tools and information you need to:
- Stabilize your financial position
- Get out of debt
- Build financial cushion
- Fuel your dreams

What's included?
- Money Wise - The book
- Money Wise Live DVD set - 5 sessions
- Money Wise Live Workbook
- Access to Money Wise printable forms

Money Wise gave me the tools I needed to become the best manager of my money so that I could not only pay my bills but also set aside some for fun, for long-term goals and for my future.
— Jennifer