Money Wise - E-Book


Money Wise - E-Book


Would you like to. . .

  • Keep more of what you earn?
  • Make your money go farther?
  • Stop feeling pressured by finances?
  • Be able to "live a little" financially?
  • Feel more empowered and in control of your money?

Best of all, would you like to gain the money wisdom you need to better yourself and the lives of those around you without having to take expensive financial courses?

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Money influences almost every area of life, so it's time to get educated.  Money Wise will both teach and inspire you to make the most of your finances.  

Whether you are a high school grad or a retiree, you need money.  achieving your dreams and goals won't happen without you knowing how to both manage your money and fuel its growth.  

Learn how to remove fear and address lack of knowledge where your finances are concerned. "My people perish for a lack of knowledge" and this is not God's best for us. Understanding basic financial principles is something that has not been passed down from generation to generation. Start today, by choosing to set yourself up for the best and brightest future you can. Little choices today will make for a better tomorrow!

From student loans to credit cards, from mortgages to personal maintenance, money is being managed by someone or something.  This Book will equip you with the process and reasons for planning your income and outgo as well as structuring a plan to get out of debt making you the one who manages your money.  

Regardless of your current income level, even if you are struggling financially living paycheck to paycheck, Money Wise will guide you step by step to a better life.
— Kerry Morris / Certified Financial Planner / Co-Founder of Assurance Financial Partners, LLC
Money wise is an immensely practical guide based upon a foundation of timeless financial principles... I highly recommend Money Wise if you want to take control of your money; and not let you debt take control of you.
— Michael Rogers / Certified Public Accountant
Money Wise will help you learn how to manage your money on purpose so you can make a difference in your life and the lives of other.
— Leroy Harris, Jr. / Former NFL Tennessee Titan & Detroit Lion